Nine Days of Prayer

nine days of prayer IN HONOR OF ST. FRANCIS XAVIER

Francis Xavier was a friend and companion to Ignatius of Loyola and co‑founder of the Society of Jesus. He was one of the first Jesuits to take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Francis’ trust and confidence in a loving God, his willingness to follow God’s call to the ends of the earth, and his genuine love for others continue to offer worthy examples and inspiration for us, even today.

The Novena of Grace to St. Francis Xavier is prayed each year from March 4 to March 12. It is said to have first been prayed in Goa, India in 1615, and grew in popularity after Francis was named a Saint in 1622.

Novena is derived from the Latin word for nine, or “novem.” Typically, a novena refers to nine days of prayer, asking God for a specific intention often through a Saint’s intercession. We may pray for our own need, for a need of family members or friends, or the needs of our world. Novenas are a beautiful way to grow purposeful, consistent, and persistent in daily prayer.

St. Francis Xavier, pray for us!

Each day of the Novena, a new video reflection will be available below.

Day Nine

Day Eight

Day Seven

Day Six

Day Five

Day Four

Day Three

Day Two

Day One


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