Ignatian spirituality is for everyone and for every day.

Grounded in God’s love for us, it invites us to partner with God to make this love visible in the world around us.

Ignatian spirituality is...

EXPERIENTIAL, focused on our experience of God in our prayer, in scripture, and in our every day, ordinary lives.

PRACTICAL, inviting us to pay attention to what gives life and what drains life from us.

HELPS US DISCOVER how we are being invited to share our particular gifts with the world around us.

CALLS US TO deeper love, abundant life, and spiritual freedom.

Image Credit: Ignatius at Manresa by Montserrat Gudiol (1991)

Live with Purpose.

With Freedom.

With Hope.

“Joy comes when we live out of the deepest sense of who we are, when we let God and others come close, when we offer our lives in service of others, when we rest in the stillness and beauty of our world.”

Kevin O’Brien, SJ, Seeing with the Heart